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7 April 2015

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4 June 2013

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28 October 2016

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19 November 2011

Recent Comments

Steve Rice on bends2
"Check out the gymnast!", he says. Something like that anyway.

L'Angevine on bends2
oh trop bien

Elaine Hancock on bends
A spectacular black and white image!

Steve Rice on bends
Cool capture under the pier.

L'Angevine on bends
oh bien cette mousse et là le bain de pieds est aussi génial

mauro brando on vasquez
Great portrait! I like the tones and composition

L'Angevine on vasquez
Superbe ce cadrage

Steve Rice on vasquez
An excellent portrait.

Le Krop on vasquez
Un très beau portrait, que j'étoile :*****

omid on vasquez
such beautiful composition & DOF ! Lovely portrait.

Steve Rice on catalina
Shark! Happy New Year! All the best in 2017.

L'Angevine on catalina
belle complicité

L'Angevine on Robert Conrad
Superbe les yeux

Steve Rice on Robert Conrad
A superb portrait!

L'Angevine on 3

Steve Rice on 3

Steve Rice on pig
Watch out pig!

L'Angevine on pig
oh le pauvre

Harry on pig
nothing good can come of this

Shahin Bahremand on pig
unique scene, well done

Joyce on under
Fun shot! I like the sun dancing on the sides of the pool with the girls play.

Steve Rice on under
Fishing? ;-) Great shot of the summer fun.

L'Angevine on under
oh superbe

omid on under
:) very nice shot! A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dimitrios on under
definately FUN

Joyce on benched
trapped in a false reality, but a cool shot.

omid on benched
:)(: very nice shot with beautiful frame, lights & shadows! Amazing!

L'Angevine on benched

Steve Rice on benched
They all are in their own worlds with a bit of sharing going on.

L'Angevine on cheek
oh marrante

Steve Rice on cheek
Too funny! Glad you're back.

Urszula on cheek
With sense of humor :)

Gérard Flayol on cheek
Attractive !

Le Krop on cheek
Drôle !

Shaahin Bahremand on cheek
good shot

Steve Rice on crash
Maybe, not such a good place to be when the surf is crashing.

L'Angevine on crash
oh excellent et dangereux qu'il prend des risques

k@ on crash
Impressive, both the photo and his situation in the turmoil.

Tomek on crash
Fantasic capture. Superb exposure.

Joyce on street
This cracked me up. One with finger in nose, and the other looks ready to heave. Sorry. Wait it gets better! Look ...

Joyce on groat
wow what a handsome old scoundrel. No, the eyes are wise and kind, just ready. A perfect portrait

Ron Callan on groat
Absolutely awesome Morgan.

omid on groat
Wonderful portrait !!!!!

L'angevine on groat

Steve Rice on groat
A desperado if I've ever seen one! A superb portrait.

Steve Rice on street
Must be Disneyland with the worn out kids.

L'Angevine on street
ah ils s'ennuient

Behrooz on picd

AMIR BABA on picd

Steve Rice on picd
Midnight picking. There's no rest for the residents of the little house on the prairie. An excellent image with ...

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